Our highly skilled team can assist with a range of personal and mental health concerns.

We can do this via traditional ‘talk therapy’ which involves talking with your Psychologist for approximately 50 minutes or we offer our clients ‘experiential therapy’ where you spend less time talking and more time interacting with trained therapy animals.

Issues addressed during counselling may include;

Anxiety, fears & phobias*
Depression & mental health concerns
Trauma, grief & loss
School refusal
Friendships, relationships & bullying
Puberty & Sexuality
Risky or difficult behaviours
Drug & alcohol use
Family conflict & sibling rivalry
Separation, divorce & step-families
Rules & boundaries
Body Image

Please note: We specialise in treating dog and cat phobias. Given our access to trained Therapy Animals, we are in a unique position to assist our clients to overcome their fears.

By working with our Therapy Animals you can develop skills including;

Improved communication
Increased patience
Understanding body language
Developing body awareness
Improved empathy
Understanding relationships
Managing impulsive or difficult behaviour

Traditional Talk Therapy

The more traditional style of talk therapy helps us to uncover and heal old wounds, eliminate self-defeating patterns, and change the way we think and feel about ourselves and others. In our work here at Lead the Way, we blend traditional and innovative approaches that are designed to bring mind, body, heart and spirit into harmony. We specialise in Animal-Assisted Therapy but that’s not all we do.