Combining the unique benefits of dogs, horses & nature to create a powerful counselling experience.

Dogs and Horses are uniquely different creatures, and bring a very different experience to counselling.


In Australia, our pet dogs are our companions, they live close by us, and share our lives. The presence of a dog has been found to be calming, soothing, and to create an atmosphere of trust.  For many people, being around a friendly dog will activate their ‘bonding’ or ‘oxytocin’ systems.  This allows us to open up, feel safe, and trust in the counselling process.


Horses are powerful and great beings.  For many people, they are both awe-inspiring and unknown.  We do not generally see horses brunching with their owners in street-side cafes like we do our canine friends. Never the less, we are often drawn to these amazing creatures.

Horses have a unique and unrivalled ability to read us – as ‘prey animals’ they are attuned to other beings and their surroundings, and will respond accordingly.  Horses embody mindfulness and can reflect back to us our ‘internal’ emotional states, knowing if we are truly calm, or in deep inner turmoil.  Through true connection with a horse we can learn to master our emotional and physical responses, our internal regulation systems, and to manage our ‘limbic’ systems effectively.


Our skilled therapists will assist you to interact and connect with both of these amazing creatures in order to develop understanding and mastery in two areas key to successful psychological change – developing healthy relationships, and managing our emotions.

Our Equine Programs are provided outdoors, alongside nature, in picturesque settings.  It is thought that being close to nature can be grounding and soothing.  Being in the elements brings us back to our most basic senses, warm, cold, dry, wet, allowing us to ‘be’ in our bodies in a way we often forget in our busy lives.

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A truly integrated therapy, involving animals and nature, Equine programs can be tailored to individuals or groups, and is ideally suited to a wide range of difficulties, including trauma.

Working with our Therapy Animals can assist with

  • Developing body awareness
  • Ability to understand, tolerate and manage strong emotions
  • Understanding and appreciating personal safety and boundaries
  • Increased patience, persistence and problem solving
  • Understanding body language and non-verbal cues
  • Improved empathy
  • Understanding relationships