Therapeutic Dog-Training© is a unique combination of psychological counselling and dog-training.

These services are exclusively provided by our registered Psychologists with DUAL qualifications in professional dog-training.


We understand that the bond owner’s have with their companion or assistance dogs is unique and powerful – and by fostering and enhancing that relationship, we can enhance the wellbeing of owners (individuals and families) and dogs.

Dogs are integral and important members of the family, and can respond in unhelpful ways to conflict or stress.  Therapeutic Dog Training © allows individuals or families to work through their own personal and psychological issues whilst simultaneously training their dog to overcome problem or concerning behaviours. Via this unique service, humans and dogs can bring out the best in each other.

This service may occur in your own home, at our Psychology Clinic, or a combination of both. We recommend at least one session in the dog’s own home. Therapeutic Dog Training© can;

  • Develop skills by learning life lessons of dogs including mindfulness, playfulness, and relaxation
  • Improve healthy communication skills
  • Develop a greater appreciation of boundaries, respect, co-operation and consistency
  • Understand the impact of human stress on dogs, and learn ways to manage this (both for the dog and the humans)
  • Identify & manage unhelpful patterns of behaviour in ourselves and our dog
  • Develop skills to effectively train your dog to be a happy and social member of society
  • Address any behavioural problems your dog experiences and make links to your own role in contributing to or remedying these problems
  • Improve your understanding, communication and bonding with your dog(s)
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Please note: Our highly trained staff are accompanied by their own trained and certified Therapy and Demonstration Dogs. Home visits will incur additional charges.

Call our friendly reception team at Lead the Way on (03) 9761 0973 to book an appointment.